The mission of the Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory is to determine vaccine-induced immunity in African populations using high-quality assays conducted according to Good Clinical Lab Practice standards.  The laboratory is committed to training African scientists in cutting-edge clinical laboratory research and to collaborate with the scientific community to discover novel immune responses to vaccination.


CHIL employs a variety of cutting-edge technologies to profile immune responses to vaccination:

Multicolor Flow Cytometry

Intracellular Cytokine Staining (ICS)
Cell sorting

Gene Expression Profiling

RNA sequencing using Next Generation Sequencing technology
Droplet digital PCR

Mucosal Tissue Explant Models

Ex vivo infection assays
Confocal microscopy

Multiplex Protein Detection

Profiling of inflammatory mediators

Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory

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Cape Town HVTN Immunology Laboratory/HCRISA
First Floor
Wembley Square 3
McKenzie Street
Gardens, Cape Town 8001

TEL: 021 202 2228


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