Erica Smit

Flow Cytometry Specialist

Erica joined CHIL in April 2022 as a Flow Cytometry Technical Specialist where she manages and independently oversees the Flow cytometry facility and conduct and optimize immunological assays in the laboratory. Erica completed her B. Tech in Biomedical Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and entered the clinical research environment in 2002.

Over the years she specialised in flow cytometry and related assays as well as management and development/ testing assays, reagents and flow cytometry equipment. The last five years she worked at the Vaccine Research Centre in Bethesda, USA in the Flow Cytometry Core, gaining extensive experience in the Flow Cytometry technical, development and data analysis fields. By joining CHIL, she strives to continue to contribute to the Immunology field in terms of training, and optimizing technology and procedures as needed.

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