Jane Hughes, BSc (Med), Hons (Immunology), Dip Med Tech (Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Immunology)

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Jane officially joined CHIL in September 2014 in a part-time capacity after working for 6 months as a CHIL external consultant for quality assurance and audits. She started her career in 1966 working in a Namibian pathology laboratory, and then worked in the UK for 3 years at the Royal Free Hospital, London. She came to South Africa and worked in the Haematology laboratory at Groote Schuur Hospital for 7 years and thereafter spent 25 years in clinical paediatric laboratory research at the Institute of Child Health (ICH) laboratory at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, serving as Lab Manager for 15 years. She then worked for 7 years for SATVI at UCT, retiring in 2013.

Jane has participated in numerous phase I and II clinical research trials in her career, has written curricula and been a national examiner for technologists in immunology, has written ISO15189-compliant quality systems leading towards successful ISO 15189:2007 compliance and accreditation of the ICH and SATVI laboratories, acted as a technical assessor in immunology for SANAS, and is co-author on more than 50 publications.

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